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Sibu Island Resort
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Sibu Island Resort

Sibu Island Resort, one of the island resort of International standard, with tropical rain forest surroundings and undisturbed beaches.

The Sibu group of island consists of Sibu Besar, Sibu Tengah, Sibu Hujung and Sibu Kukus (Coral Island). Sibu Island Resort is located at Sibu Tengah island, east coast of Johor, Malaysia. and comprises of 20 acres in size and surrounded by white sandy beach.

Water Activities Galore

The island offers a number of water sports such as snorkeling, fishing, diving, and boating. The experienced jungle trekker can try out the jungle track at the hilly terrain of Sibu Island Resort. Walk through Mother Nature's garden and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Catch the golden sunrise, clear emerald blue sea, soothing tropical breeze and white sandy beaches.

Sibu Island Resort
Sibu Island Resort

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