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Pulau Bawah
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Pulau Bawah

Gorgeous mystery island in a crystal-clear sea.

Pulau Bawah is a tropical paradise blessed with beautiful bounty beaches and breathtaking lagoons

Situated near the southern zone of The Anambas, the paradise island of Pulau Bawah offers natural landscapes and seascapes that have to be seen to be believed, excellent snorkeling and scuba-diving, as well as days of secluded serenity that are unmatched anywhere.

Pristine Lagoon Paradise

Actually, Pulau Bawah comprises a number of smaller islands that together make the whole. Each of these islands is quite literally a mere stone's throw away from the main island, Pulau Bawah. In fact, when the tide is right, you can even stroll from one island to the next. Nothing less than a walk-in paradise...

Now, this lovely little island cluster has no fewer than 3 natural lagoons, containing sea water with such clarity that the coral and other flora and fauna appear within arm's reach when in actual fact, the lagoons extend to more than 10 m depth.

Pulau Bawah is located in Anambas, which has been awarded top beautiful Asian island status by CNN. One of many reasons to visit this Anambas Archipelago gem.

Pulau Bawah
Pulau Bawah

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Pulau Bawah

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