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Amazing Anambas

The Anambas territory forms part of the Riau Islands in Indonesia. Its 200+ islands are, without exception, not only beautiful to behold but practically untouched and pristine to this day. The reason for this is the somewhat unusual location of the Anambas Islands, about 200 kilometers offshore from Tioman Island, in the South China Sea.

However, there are signs the Anambas are is becoming more and more popular as a beach holiday destination.

Firstly, the traveling community at large and travel agents facilitating international travel have slowly started to discover Anambas and are realizing that Anambas is as attractive, in some ways even more attractive, than other holiday archipelago destinations, such as Maldives. This is not more hyperbole; one single glance at the crystal-clear cobalt-colored waters around Pulau Bawah, for instance, and you know that the Anambas Islands are an absolute paradise.

But Anambas offers more. The other reason the Anambas are gaining popularity is that, contrary to Maldives, the Anambas islands offer a more varied holiday experience.


For instance, a number of Anambas islands are perfect for eco-adventures. Jungle-trekking, hill-climbing, mangrove-cruising, bird-watching, and various other nature activities relating to the awesome Anambas flora and fauna, are all available in and around many of the Anambas islands, particularly around Pulau Siantan N.B. If Rafflesia, the world's biggest flower, features on your must-see list, then now is the time to give it a go, because the largest of all Rafflesia species, Rafflesia arnoldii, has been spotted in Anambas.

Speaking of flora and fauna, let's not forget turtle-watching at Pulau Durai, where an average of 3 to 4 turtles come ashore each night to lay there eggs. In fact, it's for this reason, Durai has been awarded turtle conservation island status.

When it comes to snorkeling or scuba-diving, clearly, clearly, Anambas is the place to be. Sea water visibility often exceeds 30 meters and coral gardens are ubiquitous. Examples of superb coral ecosystems can be see around Pulau Ayam, Pulau Penjalin and Pulau Bawah.

The best part is that the Anambas islands are a mere two ferry rides or plane hop away from Singapore.

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Happiness is just a plane ride away...

Amazing Anambas
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Amazing Anambas

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