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Covered parking near Tanjung Gemok ferry terminal
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Secure Car Parking in Tanjung Gemok

Tanjung Gemok, the gateway to paradise islands like Tioman off the Malaysia east coast, offers holiday island revelers a convenient starting point for their tropical paradise vacation.

Pure Value Pro Tip: Before you embark on your idyllic retreat, securing a safe parking spot for your car is a smart move. This applies especially since school and public holidays in Malaysia and Singapore tend to coincide, reducing availability of most facilities in the area.

Convenience and Peace of Mind:

As you prepare for your island getaway, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your car. Fortunately, Tanjung Gemok offers two parking lots conveniently located near the ferry terminal. However, it's essential to note that parking spaces can be scarce, especially during peak periods such as public holidays, school breaks, weekends, and the bustling summer holiday season.

Advance Reservations:

To ensure a hassle-free parking experience, we recommend reserving a car park slot in advance. FYI, Tanjung Gemok provides a valet car parking service to assist you with your parking needs. This service is especially valuable when parking availability is limited due to high demand, which is pretty much through the year in this neck of the woods. By booking in advance, you guarantee yourself a parking spot upon your arrival at the Tanjung Gemok ferry terminal. No more droning around nervously, hoping you'll find a spot and make your ferry!

Limited Availability

Tanjung Gemok's parking facilities cater to specific needs. You can choose between sheltered and unsheltered parking options. Unsheltered spaces are just that, whilst sheltered lots provide your vehicle protection from the elements (read: the sun, rain, dust, mud, etc).

Reservation Details:

To reserve a car park slot in advance, simply visit the official Tanjung Gemok parking reservation page. The process is straightforward; a quick email or whatsapp exchange and it's done. Subject to availability, that is. You'll be charged a one-time fee of Ringgit 5 per car for the reservation. Reasonable, since it ensures you have a reserved parking space = peace of mind.

Bon Voyage:

A secure parking spot at Tanjung Gemok is a tiny investment, but one that can make a big difference in your travel experience. With the convenience of advance reservations and various parking options, you can embark on your blissful island getaway with confidence, knowing that your car is in safe hands. Enjoy your journey and make the most of your time in your tropical paradise!

Tip: book your Tanjung Gemok car park lot online for peace of mind. Enjoy your vacation :)

Parking near Tanjung Gemok ferry terminal
Parking near Tanjung Gemok ferry terminal

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