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How to get to Tinggi Island
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How to get to Tinggi Island

Driving from Singapore/Johor Bahru

You need to drive to Johor Bahru and drive ahead until Kota Tinggi (approximately. 1 hr) Tanjung Leman's jetty is located at Kota Tinggi town (about 45 minutes from Kota Tinggi).

How to get to Tinggi Island

You may park your car at a secured parking space at Tanjung Leman at RM10/night.

By Air / Speedboat

If you go by air, you need to go to Senai's Airport at Johor Bahru. From the airport you need to get a public transport to Sibu Island.

Visitors can get to Pulau Sibu by a speed boat. The boat pickup point is Tanjung Leman's jetty and is approximately 2 hours north of Johor Bahru on the Mersing road and if you are from Singapore you have a 3 hour drive.

The secure parking area costs RM10/night.

The boat transfer to Pulau Tinggi is approximately 15-25 minutes, subject to weather and sea conditions.

How to get to Tinggi Island
How to get to Tinggi Island

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