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Japamala Resort
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JapaMala Resort

JapaMala Resort is a small boutique resort in the heart of nature. Hidden amidst 11 acres of lush tropical rainforest are 4 exotic villas and 6 charming chalets connected by wooden walkways. In true seclusion, this resort is flanked by a quiet beach and often besieged by nature-lovers, honeymooners and those who yearn to simply self-indulge.

Its magnificent landscape is a wonder. JapaMala Resort is designed by natural streams, steep cliffs and towering boulders on which some of its Malay kampung-styled chalets on stilts sit. While these chalets offer the most fascinating ocean views of the emerald South China Sea, those hidden up in the forested canopy are truly hoisted into the treetops to allow a life of uninterrupted pleasure.

Malay and Asian Fusion

JapaMala Resort is characterized by a striking blend of exotic Malay and Asian architecture and interior designs. For utmost privacy, rooms are tucked away secretly in their own little retreat. The Jungle Sarang Villas (meaning 'nests' in Malay) and chalets are designed for total comfort. Imagine the simplicity of the traditional living space adorned with a modern chic.

Enjoy the luxurious open space each offers. From big open-air bathtubs at the edge of the jungle and showers divided only by glass, to the wide futon-ed reading verandahs perched high in the trees or above the ocean. Another worthy fact to note is that no matter which room you may choose to stay in, you can't escape the sound of waves lapping the beach. The intense closeness to nature is seemingly the primary emphasis of this resort.

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Japamala Resort
Japamala Resort

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Japamala Resort

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