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The sprawling Kampong of Tarempa is tucked in the north-facing bay of Pulau Siantan, sheltered from the elements and accessible for small and larger vessels, alike. Undoubtedly, this fortunate location has resulted in Tarempa attaining the status of de facto capital of the Anambas Archipelago.

Blessed with a reasonably well-developed road network infrastructure, Tarempa can be reached by plane and by ferry.

The more than 200 tropical islands around Tarempa are still in a mostly unspoilt, untouched and even undiscovered state. If you're keen to see this Terra Incognita while it's still blissfully authentic, then there's no time to waste, because public works and private construction have been forecast to reach feverish pace in the not too distant future.

Resorts and Hotels

These are some of the hotels that are available: Wisma Sakura, Tarempak Beach Hotel, Hang Tua and Anambas Inn

If you're looking for a tropical paradise resort, then try Pulau Bawah or Anambas Resort.

Amazing Anambas... The land that time forgot.

Tarempa Anambas

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Tarempa, Anambas

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