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Tides and Tidal forecast Mersing

Please note that Mersing ferry departures are subject to tides and weather, as well as sea state. As such, ferry departure times aren't set, but change almost on a daily basis.

In addition, during severe weather, whether it be short-duration squalls or strong November/December to February/March monsoon winds, the ferry company may need to postpone the ferry. Occasionally, they may even need to cancel. These are ad-hoc decisions made at the discretion of the ferry captain with passengers' safety in mind.

Ferry Tickets Online

In light of above, those who booked their ferry tickets online will be sent the exclusive Mersing Harbour Centre Hotline number. Call this number at any time for the latest weather and ferry departure/return time updates.

No idea what time the ferry may depart on any given day months ahead? Click here to give you some idea.

Tidal Range off Mersing
Tidal Issues Mersing

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Tidal Influences on Mersing ferry to Tioman

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