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Sibu Island
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Sibu Island

The more developed of the group is Sibu Island. A pleasant hideaway, it abounds with lush tropical vegetation and endless stretches of golden beaches.

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On the seaward side of island are numerous sea caves carved out of its rocks. The result of constant pounding by the sea during the monsoon season, it gives the island beautiful yet rugged appearance.

Coral Abundance

Off shore, its waters contain fascinating coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life. Shipwrecks off its coast may also be found.

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In the past, Chinese junks and pirate vessels often, exchanged cannon fire around this island, and the remains of these battles lie scattered around the seabed.

Getting there

Getting to Sibu Island

The beautifully rugged Pulau Sibu coastal edges are ideal for exploring its interesting ecosystems.

Sibu Island
Sibu Island

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Sibu Island

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